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Fixed Ops Magazine helps dealership Fixed Ops (Service / Parts / Body Shop) management learn about the new products, services, companies, programs, technologies, trends and solutions that will 1) boost revenue and profitability 2) improve efficiency, and 3) raise customer satisfaction and customer retention levels.

Fixed Ops Magazine serves this new car dealership audience with use-it-right-now information that’s 100% devoted to their unique world.

Fixed Ops reaches the Fixed Operations Director at every new car dealership in the United States — all 16,500 of them — at low cost. Fixed Ops is focused and cost-efficient. Fixed Ops Magazine is read in every dealership, regardless of size, location or brand(s).

Over the last fifteen years, more and more dealership Owners and General Managers have told us that they read Fixed Ops Magazine too, because it’s the only place they have to go to be sure that they’ve given their Fixed Ops management the equipment and resources they need to strengthen their dealerships.

The front-of-the-dealership publications simply don’t get read by Fixed Ops management folks because there’s little, if anything, in them that deals with their world and their needs and because they give only token coverage to the subject to which we devote 100% of our attention.

Fixed Ops Magazine is the low-cost way to reach this 100% management audience. Our zero-waste circulation reaches 100% of America’s dealership Fixed Operations Directors

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